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Pictures are important when it comes to describing food. But when it is combined with strong sensory descriptions, it takes your oleh-oleh to a whole new level. If done well, this combinaiton can whet your readers’ appetite simply by leading them to imagine the taste of your food, rather than telling them what it tastes like.

Follow these tips to create exciting food descriptions that will make your oleh-oleh stand out:

Allow readers to imagine the taste of your oleh-oleh

Here’s how to let your customers “taste” your oleh-oleh:

  • Try to use sensory words that lead your readers to imagine the taste of your oleh-oleh as if it was on the tip of their tongues.
  • When crafting your descriptions, showcase some of your unique ingredients. If not, highlight the unusual blend of flavours that would make your readers want to taste your oleh-oleh. 

For sample:
Our pandan roll cake is made up of a very traditional cake base. When you sink your teeth into it, a mildly sweet hint of pandan flavour hits your tastebuds, but it’s not overpowering because the filling is the star of this cake. 

We love experimenting with the filling of all our cakes, and this one is made with rich coconut cream, containing real, toasted coconut flakes from our local market. We like to toast the coconut flakes to extract its intense aroma, which blends beautifully with the soft, pandan-flavoured cake base.

Describe the texture of your oleh-oleh

Try to make your description realistic by including the unique textures of your oleh-oleh:

  • Let your customers feel as though the oleh-oleh is right in front of them. Use descriptions that appeal to their sense of touch - like when they pick it up, break it apart, or bite into it. 
  • Describe your oleh-oleh with words that add texture such as flaky, crumbly, soft, firm, spongy, solid, creamy, powdery, crunchy, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth or moist.

For sample:
When you first bite into our Putri Salju, the soft, powdery outer layer melts away on your tongue to reveal the crunchy peanut filling. We preserve our traditional flavours by using a recipe that has been passed down from generations before and pride ourselves on using top-quality ingredients that allow us to create the lightest and crunchiest Putri Salju possible.