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Bogor Permai Bakery & Restaurant’s keys to success

  1. Consistently deliver high quality products.
  2. Use raw ingredients of the highest quality.
  3. Constantly maintain good hygiene.
  4. Have salespeople who are responsive to the needs of your customers.
  5. Always try to fulfil the customer’s wants and needs.
  6. Ensure your business keeps up with the latest trends.

Competitive advantages to maintain

  1. If you find a raw ingredient that works well with your recipe, don’t change it. Bogor Permai has never changed their original recipe that uses Blue Band Master Margarine.
  2. Maintain your bakery’s uniqueness. Bogor Permai is well known for its traditional bread such as gambang bread, tapal kuda (horseshoe) bread, and a variety of market munchies.
  3. Foster good customer relationships. Many of Bogor Permai’s customers keep coming back to reminisce about its gambang bread.