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In bakeries, one of the ingredient that rarely changed is margarine. What kind of margarine you should choose? Blue Band Master Cake Margarine can be choose to offer customers better products and earn a bigger profit. There are many advantages by using it to make your bakeries more valuable:

  • It has unique aroma, taste, and texture

  • It can deliver moist cake and gurih cookies

  • It designed for all baking applications

  • Already trusted in Indonesia since 1934

Want to make it more valuable? You have to know how to use margarine properly.

How to prepare margarine for baking

How to prepare margarine for baking

Margarine is one of the ingredients that will decide if your baked goodies will turn out delicious – so how you process it for baking is essential. Find out from our bakery advisor how you can do this easily.

While there are several ways to process margarine, Unilever Food Solutions Bakery Advisor Chef Siswanto Wibisono shares some easy steps you can take for the best result:

  • To melt a large amount of margarine, separate it into sections first
  • Use a medium heat, stir in the margarine; then turn off the heat after 50% margarine has melted
  • Keep the colour of the margarine after melting the same as before it is thawed

By all of those advantages, you can always a step ahead on your bakeries. Like what Viani cookies did.

Customer’s story: Viani Cookies

Customer’s story: Viani Cookies

Keeping up with trends among diners is important, but so is maintaining great taste.

Arni, homemaker and the owner of pastry business Viani Cookies, shared that Blue Band Master Cake Margarine and Unilever Food Solutions ingredients are her secret to maintaining delicious flavour.

“Customers always want the best taste and to give them that, I will keep using Blue Band as it’s the taste they really love.”

– Arni, Owner of Viani Cookies