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If you’re visiting Balikpapan and want to try a typical snack from the region, most locals will recommend Cake Salak Kilo. This cake won the Balikpapan Food Festival in 2012 and has a combination of sweet and sour flavours that are liked by both tourists and locals.

Cake Salak Kilo was founded by Riswahyuni who uses local salak to produce this delectable winner. By doing this, she put local salak in the spotlight when it was previously not in demand because of its sour flavour. Now, Balikpapan salak is worth more since Riswahyuni’s cake helps put Balikpapan on the map. Here are Riswahyuni’s ​​tips on how to turn local ingredients into irresistible, one-of-a-kind fare.

  • Search for ingredients that are available all year round.
    It will help prevent a shortage of ingredients when demand is high.
  • Try to combine local ingredients with food types favoured by all age groups.
    Riswahyuni chose cake since it’s popular across all demographics.
  • Ask friends and family to become food testers to help you get the flavour just right.
    Riswayuni asked her husband and son to taste-test her salak cake. After many attempts at getting the recipe down, she finally perfected it before letting her customers have a try.
  • Let consumers decide.
    When 8 out of 10 people say that your dish is delicious, it means that it’s ready to be marketed.
  • Make variations of your creation.
    Riswahyuni ​​started making cake salak and succeeded, so she expanded into more salak products like brownies, syrup, juice, dodol, sambal, bakpia, strudel, pie, kue lapis, pickles, sweets, madumongso, and napoleon cake.

Riswahyuni's creativity at using local ingredients has proved to be her success. Now, her products are sold all over Balikpapan – even at the airport. Her achievements have spurred her on to make other creations using other local ingredients available in Balikpapan.

"I am currently trying to combine banana and pineapple with salak, since both are available in large quantities in Balikpapan. It still under development, but I am sure this local combination will be delicious and well-loved by consumers," said Riswahyuni.