With so many apps and tools at your disposal, food photography nowadays is so much simpler. Using just your smartphone, you can experiment and take beautiful photos that entice diners to try your food. However, there are always some photos that stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips on how to take photos that will make your food – especially oleh-oleh – look irresistible.

  1. Have excellent lighting
    • Take advantage of natural light by photographing your oleh-oleh near windows or outdoors.
    • Use lamps with natural colours, such as warm white. Other colours might make your oleh-oleh look unappetising. 
    • Make sure you have even light from all directions and avoid dark shadows. 
    • Avoid using the camera flash as it can make your oleh-oleh look unrealistic.
  2. Choose an amazing background
    • Your backdrop should be simple, but attractive. Try to use a colour that makes your oleh-oleh stand out. Make sure there are no distractions in the background such as people, hands, or unnecessary items. 
    • Try a variety of different props. You can use items like a picnic mat, plate, nice table, chopping board, or just some craft paper.
  3. Experiment with different angle
    • Take multiple photos from the top, side and everywhere in-between. Get creative!
    • If your oleh-oleh has a beautiful pattern on the inside – like a lapis legit or roll cake – cut a piece or break it open to show it off.
    • Try to take a close-up shot to showcase your dish’s appetising texture.
  4. Adding unique props
    • If there are interesting ingredients in your oleh-oleh – such as cinnamon or pandan – you can use them as photo props to show customers how your dish got its one-of-a-kind flavour. 
    • Does your oleh-oleh come in a beautiful box? Show it off!
    • Try  to use an elegant, simple plate to make your oleh-oleh stand out more.