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Cake decorating trends change every year. However, no matter how trends change, one thing stays the same: creating irresistible treats and satisfying customers.

Some may choose to follow international cake decorating trends from places like world-famous French patisseries, or popular Korean and Japanese bakeries. Nevertheless, some classic favourites remain the same – like cakes that have flower or chocolate decorations – and they have a dedicated customer base.

Being unique gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to impressing customers. It also helps you adapt to the ever-changing trends in the cake business and make them your own.

Here are some cake decorating trends that will make your unique bakery a hit.

  • Make healthy food that’s full of flavour. People nowadays are increasingly health-conscious. To keep up with this trend, you can use fruit or other naturally high-fibre ingredients to decorate your cake. You may also switch to low calorie and low fat ingredients and showcase them as your selling points.
  • Ensure your food has an enticing taste and aroma that will attract customers. Besides using healthy ingredients, you have to make sure your cake still tastes good. Blue Band White Cream Fat is a great way to decorate your cake beautifully and give it a soft texture.
  • Improve your creative ability. You have to be creative in order to fulfil your customer’s needs, and that means advanced skills are necessary. Therefore, you need to constantly research new recipes and put all your skills into practice.
  • Use trending colours. Colour trends change frequently, and the good news is that you can let your creativity juices flow when adapting to them. In 2016, some of the trending colours are the ones that are muted, marbled, or look like watercolours.