Creative and attractive cake decorating will inspire any fantasies. From simple kid’s dream to complicated of arts design. But above all, the good cake can only be made with perfect ingredients. How’s that possible? Here are some clues to make your dream cake.

How to make the most amazing and delicious buttercream

How to make the most amazing and delicious buttercream

Besides making cakes look attractive, buttercream is one great way to tease and tantalise taste buds. Unilever Food Solutions Bakery Advisors Chef Oscar Yung and Siswanto Wibisono share the secrets of creating buttercream that tastes delicious and makes your cakes look amazing.

  • Firstly, use Blue Band Master White Cream Fat as shortening, which is very stable, is great for cake decoration.
  • Whip Blue Band Master White Cream Fat until it’s soft; then add cream or liquid sugar to give it a smooth and solid texture.
  • Keep the buttercream at the temperature of an air-conditioned room. If stored in the chiller, whip the buttercream before use.
  • Before decorating the cake, make sure that the buttercream is stiff enough. If you want to use some colours, use food colouring in the form of paste.
    When decorating, be sure to pay attention to the taste, presentation, and the overall appearance of the cake.

After knowing the secrets, here is the chef’s story that already mastering the techniques.

Customer story:  The best buttercream for pastry

Customer story: The best buttercream for pastry

Making pastry with buttercream is a form of art. Mastering the perfect balance of taste, form and variety is a challenge for chefs.

Dian Wanandi, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier of the Jakarta International Pastry Academy (JIPA) mentions that the selection of ingredients is key.

“Blue Band Master White Cream Fat, which can hold in Indonesia’s weather, is the solution to making the best buttercream. It also tastes delicious, blends beautifully with other ingredients and is stable enough for cake decorations.”

– Dian Wanandi, JIPA, Jakarta