Social media can now be used as an easy promotion tool. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the storefronts to sell your bakery products everywhere in Indonesia and beyond.

Fueling this trending is cake innovations, in particular cake décor, that have taken the world by storm. Currently, many bakery businesses are offering their products through social media and use the various platforms to demonstrate the beauty and delicacy of their bakery products – attracting many followers and diners.

So how do you make sure your photos stand out from millions of similar ones? Try these:

  • Pay attention to photo angles to make photos attractive. For example, you can make use of the lighting or position of the food to make it attractive.
  • Learn from the photographs of other bakery products that look professional.
  • Use an interesting background for your photo.
  • If possible, use a natural background, such as a rustic atmosphere. If not, you can buy a portable wallpaper background with a wide range of tones/designs.
  • Make it easy to find your Instagram account. For example, by using a hashtag (#). Use #’s that are popular, for example, #MothersDay, #ValentinesDay, #NationalCakesDay, depending on the occasion you are targeting and the products you are selling. This ensures your bakery products are tagged to the trending topics and are easier to find.