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While taste is always the biggest priority, visual appeal also plays a big role in enticing your customers to buy your oleh-oleh. Here are some tips on creating oleh-oleh packaging that will appeal to your customers.

Despite the saying, "dont judge a book by its cover", people can be tempted to buy a product for its stunning packaging. If your customers cannot sample your oleh-oleh, then it might be easier to tempt them with your unique oleh-oleh packaging. Aside from the taste and price, a stylish box can be an influential factor for tempting customers to buy your product.

Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with your oleh-oleh packaging design:

  • Being creative is a must, but having a clear and relevant design is just as important
    Many packaging designs are very creative and while that can be good, it pays to keep in mind the product you’re selling. Be clear and showcase what’s inside the package, and ensure the label is large enough and easily readable.

    Do not over promise by using unrealistic photos of your product; your customers will be disappointed when they find out that the real product is not the same as the photos on the package

  • Use convenient and sustainable packaging
    Most customers now look for food that is easy to grab and go, and that goes for food gifts as well. Therefore, your oleh-oleh packaging should be convenient, compact, and easy to carry. Moreover, since people nowadays are more aware of environmental issues, it is a great idea to use recycled products such as paper or other eco-friendly materials to make your oleh-oleh more appealing to environmentally conscious customers. 

  • Try to mix and match colours and designs 
    Colours have a psychological effect on people. Use green to indicate freshness, yellow for energy, orange for friendliness, or turquoise to show that your product is related to health. Choose a design that has colours related to your product and it will help your customers imagine what it tastes like.