In fact, it might just become a must-buy product for visitors who travel to Indonesia. When that happens, it will no longer be just a product of small and medium enterprises (UMKM), but an iconic souvenir that all Indonesians can be proud of.

Thankfully, we live in a country that’s big on taste and full of creativity – this allows us to create many unique variations of oleh-oleh! From Sabang to Merauke, there are possibly a million varieties of oleh-oleh.

Aceh, the northern part of Sumatra island, is famous for its beef dendeng that is processed with a special blend of spices then dried for convenient takeaway. Not far from Aceh is Medan, a city where you can find its speciality oleh-oleh such as durian pancake, sponge cake and bikaambon. But that’s not the only type of oleh-oleh that’s available in Sumatera! In Western Sumatera, you can buy spicy kripik balado in Padang and if you’re visiting Palembang in the south, you may find pempek, a fishcake delicacy made with fish and tapioca.

If you go to the south area that is close to Java island, you can find many other types of oleh-oleh from Lampung, such as banana crackers. 

Crossing Sumatera to Java, you may find bandend satay in Banten, peuyeum (fermented cassava), asinan bogor (a pickled vegetable or fruit dish) and dodol garut (a type of sweet confection) in West Java, and finally, kerakelor in Jakarta.

If we are talking about commonly-known oleh-oleh, Central Java is where it can be found! In Brebes, you can find the telurasin (salted egg), and in Sokaraja, there’s the gethuk goreng (fried gethuk). In Semarang, there’s bandeng presto, lumpia and wingkobabat while in Muntilan you can easily find stalls selling tape ketan. If you’re visiting Jogja, you're in for a treat with wide varieties of bakpia! Heading to East Java?  There, you will find ledre from Kediri, tempeh crackers from Malang, and bagiak cake from Banyuwangi. Still can’t get enough? Then pay a visit to the Island of Gods, Bali! There, you’ll find pia susu (milk pie) or Bali peanut.

If your hunger for oleh-oleh is still not satisfied, there are plenty more on Borneo island. You can find lempok (durian dodol) in Pontianak, dodol kandangan in Banjarmasin, and other fish-based oleh-oleh such as amplang in Samarinda.

Now, let’s head over to Sulawesi island! There are many delicious oleh-oleh varieties from Manado, such as klapertart and otak-otak (grilled fish cake) from Makassar. If you go to Papua island, you can find keladi crackers from the Sorong region or abongulung (roller cake with shredded beef inside) from Manokwari. 

That’s not all! There are many other oleh-oleh specialities from various regions in Indonesia, and yours could be one of them! If you think you have a special oleh-oleh recipe that’s unique to where you’re from, showcase itoining Blue Band Master Oleh-oleh! We look forward to seeing all your creative oleh-oleh recipes!