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Increasing productivity optimises your work processes, while being efficient will lead to greater savings and more earnings! Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Discover everyone’s strengths
    Everybody in the kitchen is like a small piece of a puzzle; each person has their own ability to add value to the team. That’s why you should try to explore what each individual’s strengths are. You can conduct several small tests to find out what their capabilities. For example, you can get them to make dough, garnishes, or other tasks in your kitchen and see how well they do it. After multiple tests, you should have an idea of what their best abilities are and assign them the right tasks accordingly.

  • Give clear checklists to your kitchen staff
    After understanding your staff’s strengths and placing them in a suitable work area, assign clear checklists to them. These checklists can help them understand what they are responsible for and this can potentially serve as their standard operating procedure to maintaining productivity. 

  • Do job rotations to explore potential strengths
    You might want to consider doing job rotations on a monthly or weekly basis to explore other areas that your staff are good at! This arrangement can help build teamwork among them too. In the event that one of your staff falls sick, you will be able to find a replacement quickly if you know the other strengths of each individual. 

Last but not least, after allocating the right person to the right tasks, it’s crucial to provide a clear description of each person’s role. This helps to avoid overlapping job responsibilities while creating a common understanding of the responsibilities of all kitchen staff. Hopefully, these tips can help with the success of your oleh-oleh business! Good luck!