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There are many different types of oleh-oleh across Indonesia, and some of the more popular versions – such as lumpia, bandeng presto, and moaci – are well known crowd-pleasers because they are sure to be a hit with everyone. 

However, there are also many bakeries making creative types of oleh-oleh that are gaining popularity across the country. In our Master Oleh-Oleh competition, we’ve crowned 3 bakeries that make the most unique oleh-oleh as our winners due to their creativity, innovation and deliciousness. Keep on reading to see who they are and what makes them a Master Oleh-Oleh champion. 

1st Winner: Bagelen Bekatul by Super Roti Bakery

Master Oleh Oleh Winner - Ismiyati - Bagelan Bekatul


Sometimes, all it takes is a little innovation to give your business a boost. Super Roti from Semarang made a unique type of oleh-oleh called Bagelen Bekatul. Bekatul – also known as bran –  is the hard outer layers of cereal grain. It’s full of fibre, vitamins and essential nutrients, but it’s not usually consumed by people because it’s considered the byproduct of rice. But, by using some creativity, Super Roti took this fiber-rich and healthy bekatul and used it as the main ingredient to make a nutritious oleh-oleh snack. Watch their video and see why Super Roti’s healthy delicious Bagelen Bekatul is our Master Oleh-oleh winner. 

2nd Winner: Cake Salak Kilo by Cake Salak Kilo Bakery

Master Oleh Oleh Runner Up - Riswahyuni - Cake Salak Kilo


Salak (snake fruit) is a well-known fruit from Sleman Jogjakarta and later was planted around Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Since there is an abundance of salak, the Cake Salak Kilo Bakery had an idea to make it more profitable. They decided to make salak into delicious cakes with flavours ranging from cheese to almond. See how they turned the common salak into a unique oleh-oleh from Balikpapan. 

3rd Winner: Nutsafir by Nutsafir Cookies Bakery

Master Oleh Oleh Third Place - Sayuk Wibawati - Nutsafir Cookies


Located in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, Nutsafir Cookies Bakery had an idea to create a variety of delicious cookies with unusual flavours such as belinjo, red bean, corn and cashew nut. Watch how they only use the finest ingredients in their cookies, and truly live up to their slogan “homemade with love”.  

Stay tuned for our next competition! 
Our 3 winners make oleh-oleh that are unique, creative, innovative, and full of taste. After winning this competition, they’ve made a giant leap towards becoming even more well-known in Indonesia. 

Don’t miss your chance for fame! Keep an eye out for our next competition and you too can have the opportunity to put your business on the map. In the meantime, you can get inspiration from our other province winners.

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