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That’s why companies in the travel industry have to be prepared to serve any kind of traveller, including the budget traveller. If your product or company is related to this industry, it helps to understand what they want in order to cater to their needs.

  • Tap into travel apps
    Nowadays it is so easy for travellers get information on the places they’re going to. There are so many apps available to help plan their routes so they won’t get lost. Keeping that in mind, why not provide them related information about your products through these channels? You can advertise on these travel apps so they will see your products as they plan their trips.

  • Accommodate your travellers’ daily needs
    Every traveller will need a place to stay, be it a hotel, hostel, or just a couch to sleep on. Why not give them a more refreshing stay by providing some product samples in their room? Show that you care for them and you’ll capture their attention with your special treatment. That way, when they return to their home country, your small gifts might remind them to buy your product as a present for their loved ones back home.

  • Provide discounts and encourage huge savings
    Some foreign currencies may be stronger than your travellers’ local currencies. As such, they tend to pay special attention not to overspend. Why not help your potential customers save by offering some incentives when they spend wisely? Give them discounts on your products to encourage them to purchase them!.

The same goes for people who travel within Indonesia. Travellers everywhere have similar behaviour, whether they are journeying abroad or within Indonesia. To get a better understanding of your customers, use their perspective and imagine being in their shoes. What would you need? What would make you happy? Only then, can you cater to their needs and sell more of your products to them. All the best!