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You can find satay in almost any part of the world, but there are variations of satay that you can only find in Indonesia. And for good reason too, since it’s probably the most famous of all Indonesian snacks. 

Generally, satay is a dish of skewered grilled meat, served with peanut sauce. Depending on the region, the presentation and preparation varies. Read on to discover the unique ways in which satay has evolved in Indonesia and get inspired to add something to your menu.

Satay lilit (twisted satay)

This satay from Dewata Island is quite different from the satay we usually encounter. Made from minced beef, chicken or fish, and mixed with grated coconut and other spices, the meat is wrapped around bamboo, sugar cane or lemongrass, and then roasted. This results in a satay that delivers varying textures and unforgettable flavours.

Satay buntel (wrapped satay)

Hailing from Surakarta, this generously portioned satay is made from minced beef or lamb wrapped around fatty meat. After baking, the satay is separated from the skewer and sliced. Served with sweet soy sauce and garnished with pepper, satay buntel will leave your customers craving for more.

Scallop satay

A popular snack in Surabaya, scallop satay is boiled with spices (as opposed to being grilled) then skewered onto a satay stick. While it is commonly enjoyed together with lontong balap, you can also serve it a la carte for adventurous customers keen to try something new.

Satay ampet (mixed beef)

This satay dish is common fare on Lombok Island. Made from a combination of offal and beef flavored with plenty of spices, this is perfect for heat-loving diners. The fire of the spices is tempered by aromatic coconut milk, and will add an element of surprise to your restaurant menu.