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Win Breaking-the-Fast Moments – Foster Unforgettable Bonds and Delight Customers With Unique Breaking-Fast Menus


Transform Ramadan evenings into feasts for forging connections! Create delicious, communal, and trendy breaking-fast menus tol win your customers’ hearts.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the tradition of Iftar is always a highly anticipated event. To emphasize this communal activity and tap into the trend of “New Sharing,” Unilever Food Solutions is introducing breaking-fast menus that culinary business operators can serve during this period. This exclusive offering aligns with the brand’s Future Menu campaign, which explores food trends aimed at helping business owners and culinary entrepreneurs (link to Future Menu main page) think outside the box.

The goal is to inspire you to transform the business challenges during Ramadan into profitable opportunities, such as elevating the Iftar experience for your customers. Thus, Unilever Food solutions designed the breaking-fast menu selections not only to tantalize taste buds but also to strengthen the bonds of the community. You can expect each dish from these menus to be a bestseller, boosting both dine-in and online sales.

Through this “Win the Breaking-the-Fast Moments” initiative, Unilever Food Solutions encourages everyone to make the most of this season. Besides drawing inspiration from the breaking-fast menus, you can explore tips on well-loved Ramadan dishes in an exclusive downloadable e-book. Plus, take this chance to discover other premium products and exciting seasonal promotions from Unilever Food Solutions.

Ebook Inspirasa #MenuBukberSeru.

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