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Buavita Apple 250ml
Buavita Apple 250ml
Buavita Apple 250ml -

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Product can be consumed directly. Keep refrigerated. Shake before drinking.


24 x 250 ml


250 ml


Keep refrigerated


Refreshingly delicious on it's own, it can also be used as a base for creative beverage recipes. Explore our recipes page for inspirations to excite your guests.


- More real fruit content, more fruit benefits, taste of real fruit juice - Processed through UHT technology and antiseptic packaging (protection from outside air and light) therefore ensuring the quality and delicious taste of Buavita juices - A perfect mini-bar and banquet option for your hotel guests looking for a healthy and tasty thirst quencher. Benefits of UHT: - Safe to consume and free from bacteria - Long storage life without the need of preservatives. - Practical and easy to carry and store without the use of chiller. - Nutrition is not lost during heating process

Shelf Life

12 months


Water, apple juice, sucrose, apple flavour, acid regulator citric acid and sodium citrate, salt, colorant caramel, vitamin A


Ready-to-drink Buavita is the leading real fruit juice brand in Indonesia. It is made from real fruit juice, with more fruit content and without any preservatives. Giving you all the goodness of real fruits! Explore our extensive range of Ready to Drink (RTD) fruit juice flavors today.

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    Total Energy kJ - kJ
    Total Energy kcal - kcal
    Protein - g
    Carbohydrate - g
    Sugars - g
    Fat - g
    Saturated Fat - g
    Dietary Fiber - g
    Sodium - mg