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When it comes to running a commercial kitchen, kitchen hygiene should be a top priority. Use this Back of House and Front of House restaurant cleaning checklist to ensure your kitchen is hygiene-friendly. 





    • Clean all surfaces (also cutting boards and equipment)
    • Clean ice cream machines and other machines
    • Wipe down fryers
    • Clean and empty the trash cans and recyclables.
    • Clean floors (including walk-ins)
    • Replace foil liners of grill
    • Put all aprons, rags and chef’s in the laundry
    • Clean grills
    • Empty and clean bins
    • Label and cover all food
    • Sanitize hood filters in dishwasher.
    • Clean tables
    • Clean soda guns, faucets and sinks.
    • Clean every surface such as chairs, tables, bar and booths
    • Vacuum floor
    • Mop and clean floors
    • Clean all toilets multiple times per shift
    • Clean the menus
    • Wipe down the condiment dispensers
    • Dust shelves and other decorative items
    • Remove and replace bar bats



    • Clean and sanitize refrigerators, coolers and ovens (per instructions from manufacturer)
    • Clean walls (if necessary)
    • Clean entrance (glass door, door handles and frames
    • Vacuum floor and carpets 
    • Sanitize coffee machines
    • Clean floor drains with drain cleaner
    • Clean picture frames, ceiling fans, walls (if necessary)
    • Clean baseboards.
    • Wipe down chair legs and tables.


    • Clean all grease (fryers, flat tops, oven and stove)
    • Wipe down freezers
    • Empty and clean ice bin
    • Clean ceilings
    • Clean and check kitchen equipment (knives sharpness, refrigerator temperature, oven and thermometers calibrated)
Download the restaurant cleaning checklist!

Download the restaurant cleaning checklist!

A handy template to be used by Back of House and Front of House staff to ensure a restaurant is spotless!



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