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If you want that, your customers keep going back to your restaurant amid intense competition, several ways you must do as follows.

  • Taste is king! Make sure your food is tasty. Without delicious food, even chic décor cannot get diners to come back.
  • Serve up a signature dish or cuisine.Include unique dishes that can only be found in your restaurant and give diners a reason to return.
  • Maintain consistent great taste. Make sure you serve up food of the same high quality every time.
  • Show enthusiasm. Greet diners and ask them for feedback about your food.
  • Share knowledge. Telling diners how you create the dishes will enhance their dining experience.
  • Go above and beyond great service. Don’t just be friendly, but proactive and welcoming. For example, when a customer takes out a laptop, offer the WiFi password for free.
Bebek Kaleyo, a must-try dining spot in Jakarta

Bebek Kaleyo, a must-try dining spot in Jakarta

Duck dishes are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. From roast duck to cabe ijo duck and peking duck, each dish has its own specialities and fans. Bebek Kaleyo is a restaurant chain that specialises in duck dishes and is growing in popularity across Indonesia.

If you ever visit Bebek Kaleyo restaurants across Jakarta, one thing you will notice is that their dishes taste the same no matter which outlet you visit. The restaurant’s founder, Hendri Prabowo, said that Bango Kecap Manis is one of his secrets to ensuring that the taste of his duck dishes is delicious and consistent. 

Their succulent fried duck and extensive chilli choices are a huge hit, so the restaurant usually is very busy and wait times can get surprisingly long. Try to visit around lunchtime to get a seat if you’re a die-hard food lover.

Hendri Prabowo also said that the sweet taste of Bango Kecap Manis is infused into the duck meat, making the aroma irresistible. To give the dish even more flavour, Bango Kecap Manis is provided at every table so diners can add as much as they like. The perfect match of delicious duck and Bango Kecap Manis makes Bebek Kaleyo’s dishes even more enjoyable for all diners.