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At Unilever, we are committed to help chefs achieve that. With our Unilever Food Solutions Food Safety Service, we offer training and simple practical tools. We give guidance on how to run a safer kitchen operation and train employees.

Here are the essentials safety standards that chefs need to keep in mind for their kitchens.

Kitchen discipline

  • Know the do's and don’ts
    Observe the proper decorum to prevent accidents, burns, slips, falls, cuts, machine injuries and other hazards in the kitchen.

  • Do things slowly, steadily, and carefully
    Don’t rush in the food preparation and cooking zones. If you need to serve your diners quickly, remember to do it steadily and carefully to avoid danger.

  • Use only the right tools
    Make sure everyone in the kitchen understands the correct ways to use various kitchen utensils and equipment. Always read the instructions before using to stay safe.

Things to avoid

  • Pay attention to the stove
    Don’t leave any cooking unattended.

  • No open flames
    Turn off the gas when you’re not using the stove.

  • Beware of hidden dangers
    Keep sharp and hot objects away to prevent any accident.

Must-haves in every kitchen

  • Fire extinguishers

  • First aid kit

  • Safety shoes