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Teatime is not new to Indonesians. Back then, this ritual has been rooted in the society. Nonetheless, teatime belongs to all groups, without any social-class boundaries, nor specifically be a property of any certain culture. It’s not like teatime ritual that has certain ways like in Japanese culture. Most Indonesians do teatime their way. You can say that tea is Indonesians’ main drink and they enjoy presenting tea the way they used to, either in cups, clay glass, as cold drinks, hot tea, sweetened, nor just fresh, plain tea.

Teatime in Indonesia didn’t refer to any specific time. Although most of us consume in the morning, it can actually be enjoyed anytime. If taken when the weather is hot, a choice of sweetened iced tea will do. It refreshes the mood especially when rocks added.

We are familiar with some types of tea on the market. The types of tea have differences in the manufacturing process. Like black tea that is easily recognized because of its black colour and widely available in the market. During its process, this kind of tea is fermented before then dried and crushed. Then there’s oolong tea, which process is almost similar to black tea in terms of its fermentation. The difference lies on its less fermented time. Then green tea, which is not fermented, but directly heated or steamed. And white tea, as the best tea because only taken the tip then let to wither naturally. In general, each tea leaves our body some benefits.

Nevertheless, different areas in Indonesia have different habits in consuming tea. Of the various types of tea available, most Indonesians consume black tea, especially pure black tea as SariWangi. Followed by other types of teas such as jasmine and vanilla-scented tea.

Why tea termed as Indonesians drink? It’s because most regions in Indonesia have tea drinking habits regardless what kind of food they eat. It is like taking mineral water in anytime, anywhere, and with any food. Despite its presentation differences, according to each individual preference whether as hot or cold drink, tea is always a company to every mealtime.

Having said that, it is no wonder if tea commonly served in every restaurant, whether brewed in the traditional way or modernly presented as an instant tea. This habit has become the Indonesian culture, where there is always tea among the various types of food at different restaurants or dining venues.

As a well-known tea brand in Indonesia, SariWangi understand the needs of Indonesia people. Besides selling regular teabag for everyday use, SariWangi also has jumbo teabag that fits for restaurant or dining place. One SariWangi jumbo teabag can make 30 cups of tea in a single brewing. Easy-use, quick serving, no mess, no waste and need no re-strained. As the no. 1 tea in Indonesia, SariWangi is not only maintaining its tea quality and taste, but also into the needs of existing markets.