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As we know, drinking tea has become Indonesians’ daily habit. Taking tea has no time limit. It becomes our eating companion, regardless the kind of food we enjoy. You could say that tea is Indonesian beverage.

No wonder that many dining places and restaurants have tea as their menu. This story also goes to Chicken Story. This Indonesian chicken-specialised restaurant serves variety of beverages, but still, tea is the best seller. Ordered as hot tea, iced tea, sweetened iced tea or just plain.

"Most of our visitors order tea, because tea and chicken are Indonesian favourite foods," Indrajaya, Executive Chef of Chicken Story says. Chicken Story specialised in serving Indonesian food. During lunch hour, Chicken Story is always full house, where approximately 200 people eat in. Anticipating the large number of visitors, serving time for any food and beverages became critical. It has to be quickly served, because hungry consumers don’t have time to wait.

Indrajaya also said they always run a proper morning preparation, and purposely choose to use SariWangi Jumbo Teabag that comes in handy. "Using traditional brewed tea bothers the preparations, needed to be strained again, and can’t guarantee its clarity because it’s naturally has waste."

By using SariWangi Jumbo Teabag, brewing only one bag can be used for 30 cups of tea. It saves the preparation time, by simply dipping it into the hot boiling water. The restaurant gains more benefits, by saving time and leaving no spills while serving. Not to forget, consumers really like the taste of its fresh, black tea.

"I've been using SariWangi Jumbo teabag for my restaurant. As long as it’s still available in the market, we will definitely continue using it because it’s practical, no-hassle," Indrajaya closes his chat.

SariWangi Jumbo Teabag, once brewed 30 glasses served. Suits the need of dining venue and restaurants.