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If you don’t want to make the Italians frown when they encounter your Italian dishes, pay close attention to these 3 rules!

  • No parmesan cheese with seafood risotto
    Seafood risotto has a naturally soft texture from the rice and stirring method involved. Meanwhile, parmesan is a hard cheese that contains high levels of glutamate, which gives off a strong umami taste. If you add parmesan, you would have failed to let your diners savour the natural seafood flavour of the risotto itself.
  • Do not undercook pasta
    Usually, the pasta served at Italian restaurants has a soft “al dente” texture when you bite it. Perfectly cooked pasta takes precise timing, so ensure to get the exact cooking duration right.
  • Do not add more than two tablespoons of sauce in pasta
    To Italians, pasta has its own natural flavour. They regard the sauce as merely a complement to it and avoid adding an excessive amount, as it overwhelms the pasta’s organic taste. So make sure you do not use more than 2 tablespoons of sauce when preparing your pasta dish!

Of course, these are not the only rules to make diners feel like they’re in Italy when enjoying your food but you’ll be one step ahead in making them relish in the authentic Italian flavour through your amazing dishes. See you at the next review of Knorr World Cuisine!