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I must serve an international quality tea brand with a varied portfolio to maintain my hotel image.

Benefit, profit dan kualitas

  • Exclusively selected from the world’s renowned tea estates
  • Large tea leaves for better infusion
  • Blends certified by Rainforest Alliance
Lipton Green Tea with Jasmine Stl 25x2g - Lipton, the World's #1 tea brand

Lipton, the World's #1 tea brand

Lipton Green Tea with Jasmine Stl 25x2g
Lipton Green Tea with Jasmine Stl 25x2g - Sir Thomas Lipton range, premium quality from the World's #1 tea brand

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Place one tea bag for each person in a cup or pot. Pour in fresh boiling water. Allow to Infuse for 2 -3 minutes.


6 x 25 x 2 g


25 cups


Store in a cool dry place


Sealed in high-quality envelopes for fresh taste, aroma and moisture protection this range of specialty tea delivers a superior tea experience.

Allergen Information

May contain traces of soy derivative

Shelf Life

24 months


Green tea, jasmine flowers


SIR THOMAS LIPTON Green Tea with Jasmine is a green tea blended with fragrant Jasmine. The light delicate taste of Jasmine has been blended with green tea to deliver an ideal drink for sipping throughout the day. SIR THOMAS LIPTON Specialty Tea Collection is a distinctive range of specialty teas made from the finest quality tea and herbal infusions. This distinctive range of SIR THOMAS LIPTONspecialty teas are offered to establishments with quality in mind. The finest ingredients are sealed in sachets which maintain quality, freshness and ensure consistency of aroma.

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