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Preparing the Chicken

  • Chicken 60.0 g
  • Garlic 20.0 g
  • Salt 10.0 g
  • Water 525.0 ml
  • High Protein Flour 500.0 g
  • Maizena 40.0 g
  • Baking Soda 5.0 g
  • Knorr Bumbu Rasa Ayam (No MSG) 1kg 5.0 g
  • Pepper 3.0 g

How to Make BBQ Sauce

Serving the Crispy Chicken Asian BBQ

  • Carrots
  • Enoki Mushroom
  • Spinach
  • Chopped Onion Leaves
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Fried chicken
  • Barbecue Sauce

Asia has a variety of BBQ sauces with distinct sweet, savory, sour and fruity flavor. Kecap Bango with sweet and savory taste can be the right combination as a complementary flavor. Add tomato sauce and pineapple to present a unique, tempting sauce.



  1. Preparing the Chicken

    • Mix all ingredients well, let it be for 3 hours so that the seasoning soak.
    • Stir into seasoned flour, then soak it with water, return to seasoned flour, at least 3 times.
    • Then fry until browned, set aside.
  2. How to Make BBQ Sauce

    • Saute the onion until fragrant, then add all the ingredients until they are well blended and thickened, set aside and ready to use.
  3. Serving the Crispy Chicken Asian BBQ

    • For serving, mix the fried chicken into the prepared sauce and then add the garnish.