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Preparing the Meat and Offal

Making the Padang Seasoning

Cooking the Sate Padang

  • 10 Servings Ketupat
  • 10 Banana Leaves
  • Rice Flour 200.0 g

Serving skewers of beef, cow tongue or offal alongside peanut sauce made with plenty of chillies makes Sate Padang a spicy yet tasty dish, especially prepared with Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning.



  1. Preparing the Meat and Offal

    • Crush the spices, then add the meat, beef offal and tongue.
    • Leave to marinate for 30 minutes.
  2. Making the Padang Seasoning

    • Mix all the ingredients well.
  3. Cooking the Sate Padang

    • Mix the vegetables and peanut sauce well. Add lontong if necessary.
    • After the vegetables are covered with the sauce, stir-fry it with Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning.
    • Add the meat, offal and boiled beef tongue and cook.
    • Remove the meat.
    • Mix the prepared seasoning with rice flour, and heat until thickened.
    • Prepare a serving plate using the banana leaves.
    • Place the ketupat/lontong and satay, pour the thickened seasoning sauce, then sprinkle with fried onions.
    • Add the sate padang, then sprinkle with fried onions and crackers over the dish.