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  • Kecap Bango 80 g
  • Water 30 ml
  • Garlic, sliced 3 g
  • Shallots, sliced 3 g
  • Tomato, diced 10 g
  • Cayenne Pepper, sliced 2 g
  • Pineapple 40 g
  • Kaffir Lime 2 pc
  • Salt 2 g


  1. Seasoning

    • Add all seasoning ingredients and mix them well.

  2. Sauce

    • All the sauce ingredients and mix them well.

  3. Lamb

    • Jab the lamb with fork and add all marinade seasoning. Leave it for a night into a cooler or at least leave it for 1 to 2 hours.
    • Prepare the brush to smear the marinade seasoning. Heat the oven at 165°C. After that, move the lamb in the oven.
    • Cook the lamb in the oven for 1 to 2 hours and switch the lower side into the top side and smear the lamb again with the seasoning for once in a while. After the lamb is getting soft and well done, leave it for 5 minutes or more. Then, sliced the lamb to serve.
    • Serve the sliced lamb with rice or lontong.