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Marinade Fish

How to Make Batter Mix and Flour Mix

How to Make Pesmol Seasoning

Pesmol is a typical Sundanese food from West Java that has a savoury, sour, sweet and spicy flavour. The texture and taste of the salted egg will blend perfectly, and it will arouse your customers' appetite.



  1. Marinade Fish

    • Mix all the ingredients, leave it in the refrigerator ± 1 hour.
  2. How to Make Batter Mix and Flour Mix

    • Mix ice water, all-purpose flour (300g), and Knorr Chicken Powder (10g). Set aside the batter mix.
    • Mix milk powder, all-purpose flour (1kg), Knorr Chicken Powder (10g), and salt. Set aside the flour mix.
  3. How to Make Pesmol Seasoning

    • Heat oil, cook the ginger, garlic, and shallots until cooked and flavourful.
    • Add the butter, after melting, add Knorr Salted Egg, cook until foamy, then add the coconut milk.
    • After mixed well, add water until the thickness is sufficient, then season with Knorr Chicken Powder, salt, sugar and Knorr Lime Powder.
    • Then add cayenne paper, carrot, cucumber, tomato, and curry leaves, cook until done.
  4. How to Cook Pesmol

    • Heat oil.
    • Put the fish in the flour mix, stir, then put in the batter mix, then put it back into the flour mix, then knead until textured, fry until done.
    • For serving, pour fried fish with pesmol sauce.