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Prepare the Rice

Prepare the Rawon Meat

Make the Rawon Seasoning


  • Salted egg, halved 10 pc
  • Lime, split four 5 pc
  • Prawn crackers 10 pc
  • Sambal Terasi 50 g
  • Bean Sprouts, may change the sprouts 300 g

How to Make Rawon Rice

  • Rice 300 g
  • Rawon meat 50 g
  • Rawon broth 10 pc
  • Complements 5 pc
  1. Prepare the Rice

    • Rinse rice and mix with Knorr Lime Powder to avoid the rice dry.
    • Cook with magic jar.
  2. Prepare the Rawon Meat

    • Heat water, after boiling add the beef that has been cut into pieces.
    • Add all the ingredients above.
  3. Make the Rawon Seasoning

    • Blend all the above ingredients except oil and Bango Kecap Manis. Set aside.
    • Heat the oil and saute the smashed spices until fragrant.
    • Add the Bango Kecap Manis at the end, turn off the heat.
  4. Complements

    • Prepare all the ingredients as directed.
  5. How to Make Rawon Rice

    • Mix the rawon spice with rawon broth.
    • Prepare the rice in a bowl.
    • Pour rawon on a plate.
    • Serve with complementary.