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Chicken Fillet

  1. Sauce

    • Heat water, add turnips, celery and tomatoes. After boiling, stir over 45 minutes, then drain.
    • Prepare water for cooking, add all ingredients except the coffee powder BEST FOODS Mayo Magic.
    • Stir well, then add the coffee powder, stir again.
    • Allow to cool the coffee sauce. Mixed with coffee sauce with mayonnaise until smooth. Sauce ready to serve.
  2. Chicken Fillet

    • Punch until tender chicken fillet. Set aside.
    • Mix all ingredients are seasoned, add the chicken fillets. Marinate for 4 hours. Fried fillet of chicken in many oil and heat until golden browned.
    • Add the sauce over the chicken fillet, stir-fry. Cover with coffee and mayonnaise with a sprinkling of almonds and ornamental leaves mint.