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Making the fried chicken

Making the roasted galangal

Galangal fried chicken is a rich dish with a distinctive aroma that tantalizes the taste buds. Tender and juicy chicken meat is coated with a unique galangal fried chicken seasoning, creating the perfect combination of delicious meat and spices. Galangal fried chicken marinade, made from fresh galangal and other selected spices, adds a depth of flavor that makes this dish so special. 

What vegetables go well with galangal fried chicken? 
Suitable vegetables are fresh vegetables such as basil leaves, cucumbers and long beans. Stir-fried vegetables such as sauteed kale or cap cay are also very suitable. 
How to keep fried chicken juicy? 
Make sure the chicken is marinated in spices and rested before frying. Use medium heat and cook until perfectly cooked, don't take too long so the meat doesn't dry out. 
How do you make galangal seasoning not burn? 
Saute the galangal spices over low heat and add a little water if necessary. Keep stirring until cooked to prevent the spices from burning.



  1. Making the fried chicken

    1. 1. Put Royco Ayam Kuning, lime leaves, bay leave, water, and salt, Royco Ayam and MSG into a pan. Mix them well. After that, put the chicken meat into the pan.
    2. Boil it in small fire. When it’s already boiled, stir it well so that the chicken meat can be cooked well in the boiled water. Boil it until the water is getting lower. After that, take the chicken meat.
    3. Deep fry the chicken meat into a frying pan until the colour turns into yellowish gold.
  2. Making the roasted galangal

    1. Mix grated galangal with Royco Ayam Kuning well. Then, roast them with small fire into a frying pan. Turn off fire if the colour is getting brown.
  3. Serving

    Serve the chicken meat with roasted galangal on the top.