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Making Orange Mandarin Squash

  • Water 100 ml
  • Buavita Orange Mandarin 120 ml
  • Gomme 15 ml
  • Passion fruit syrup 20 ml
  • Soda for top up 80 ml
  • Lipton Ice Lemon Tea 625g 1 tbsp
  1. Making Orange Mandarin Squash

    1. Prepare a serving glass or jar that has been filled with 3/4 ice and then add gomme, Knorr Lime Powder, and Passion fruit syrup together. Pour Buavita Orange Mandarin and pour LiptonLipton Ice Lemon Tea that has been mixed with water carefully to get some layers. After that, add the soda on it.
    2. Put Sunkist orange that has been formed with separating the skin and the fruit. Do not let them be cut off to ease us in arranging them.
    3. It is ready to serve.