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Betawi (Batavia) is one region that’s filled with unique food, and serving traditional Batavian dishes can enrich your menus. Here are some popular Batavian dishes that have stood the test of time.

Nasi uduk Betawi (Batavian uduk rice)

This uduk rice (rice cooked with coconut milk) is served with side dishes like scrambled eggs, dried tempeh, anchovy sambal, and fried chicken. Already well-loved by many locals, try serving it for breakfast and watch its popularity explode on your menu. You can try modernising it by turning the dish into bite-sized portions or changing how it’s presented.

Soto Betawi (Batavia soto)

Batavia soto is a soup made from coconut milk mixed with meat, tomatoes, and potatoes. Since it might look too oily, reduce it by placing tomato, leek and lime slices over the top.

Kue cucur (Cucur cake)

This cake is always served at Batavian festivals and works great as a dessert. Serve it as a part of your tea menu, and you can even modernise it by combining it with shredded cheese or melted chocolate.

Pletok beer

Although it’s called “beer”, this beverage is alcohol-free. Made from many spices such as ginger, aromatic pandanus leaf and lemongrass, this drink warms your body with every sip. Turn it into a hot new trend by giving it a creative name like "Batavian Alcohol-free Beer”, “Batavian Beer Surprise”, or something else.

Gado-gado Betawi (Batavian mixed vegetables)

Fresh vegetables – usually water spinach, cucumber and bittergourd – mixed with egg and ketupat then served with peanut sauce is a delicious addition to your menu. To make it look more interesting, try serving it on a unique plate like woven bamboo, or even wrapped in lettuce.

Selendang mayang ice

This beverage is made from hungkwe flour batter that’s shaped and sliced into squares, then mixed with coconut milk, pandanus syrup, and crushed ice. This refreshing beverage is perfect for a hot sunny day, and you can colour the batter to make it even more unique.