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Sate has remained unchanged for many years, but now there are new culinary trends on the rise that feature them. One such trend is sate taichan, a type of chicken sate made with simple spices like salt and lime, that’s becoming a big hit amongst younger customers. Here are some other great ways to turn sate into trending hits in your restaurant.

Create new flavours

One way to start a new sate trend is to create new flavours, for example, with a mixture of lemongrass and cloves. You can also try combining your sate meat with baked fruit like pineapple, banana, or bengkuang. 

Try sate variations

Sate usually refers to barbequed pieces of meat. However, there is also sate lilit, made from ground chicken and grated coconut. Get inspired by sate lilit to create different combinations – for example, pair ground meat with tempeh or tofu for a soft yet firm texture.

Combine it with soup

Sate is a dry dish that’s served with a condiment, usually peanut sauce. Spice it up a little by replacing the sauce with soup or curry for a greater depth of flavour.

Give it a unique name

It seems trivial, but the name taichan was inviting curious people to give it a try. Even Jogja’s famous sate klathak is aptly named because the metal skewers look like bicycle spokes, and make a clanging noise when flipped on the grill. Try creating your own unique sate names – for example, sate soto for sate in a soto soup, or sate lembur for sate that’s sold late into the night.

Use attractive garnishes

Food isn’t just judged by taste; appearance plays a big part in its appeal to customers. Make your sate more impressive by adding eye-catching garnishes such as onion, colorful chillis or celery. You can experiment with the type and composition of garnish, but make sure that it doesn’t compromise the sate’s taste.