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Curious customers who want to taste authentic Makassarian dishes without having to go all the way there can be a business opportunity for your restaurant. Here are some ways to make your Makassarian dishes extra appetising to entice them even more.

Select the appropriate recipes

While you have to let the true Makassarian flavour of the dish shine through, you also need to keep your regular customers’ tastes and preferences in mind. Try adapting the flavour of the dish if necessary – for example, make it sweeter if you’re in Central Java, salty and savoury in West Java, or spicy in Padang.

Use high-quality ingredients

Dishes like coto Makassar, konro soup and pallubasa uses meat and offal. If possible, source your raw ingredients from Makassar for a more authentic flavour.

Prepare alternative options

To appeal to various customers’ tastes, your Makassarian menu needs to have a variety of familiar offerings like chicken, seafood and fried rice to make it less intimidating for those who want to give new dishes a try.

Use unique names

One-of-a-kind name combinations will rouse your customers’ curiosity. For example, use the name Rainbow Pallu Butung Ice for a beverage with colourful syrup or Coto Makassar Fort Rotterdam for coto with diced meat shaped like the rock wall of a fort.

Give your restaurant a Makassarian makeover

There are many iconic landmarks that represent Makassar, such as Fort Rotterdam, Losari Beach, Somba Opu Castle and La Galigo Museum. Put up pictures or posters of these places to boost the ambience of your restaurant, and you’ll attract people from all over who want to take photos and post them on social media which then acts as free advertising for you.