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Young people today prefer trying new, unusual dishes over the usual homemade food. One way to give them what they want is by taking everyday fare – in this case, instant noodles – and revamping it into a simple, tasty and affordable dish that truly stands out. 

Instant noodles have long been a favorite. There are at least two main reasons; their taste, and how easy they are to make. Here’s how to add a few extra touches, and turn the humble instant noodle into a mainstay menu item in your restaurant or cafe.

Instant noodle a la carbonara

Instant noodle a la carbonara can be an alternative spaghetti dish, and its preparation method isn’t so different. Prepare the instant noodles as per usual, then add the regular carbonara ingredients. You can also use pieces of broccoli, onions, or celery for brighter appearance and flavour.

Cheese noodles

Cheese-filled dishes are all the rage now, especially amongst millennials. Adding grated cheese over instant noodles adds a delicious level of flavour, as well as a perfect garnish. If you want a stronger cheese flavour, melt the cheese first. You can also cut down on the mess by using a cheese sauce.

Tom yam noodles

This dish is originally from Thailand, and has a unique savoury, spicy and sour taste that goes extremely well with instant noodles. Throw in some shrimp, squid and celery pieces to jazz things up.

Rendang-flavoured noodles

Who doesn’t know rendang? This dish is already famous throughout the archipelago, and it’s perfectly compatible with instant noodles. Slices of rendang meat enhance the taste of instant noodles, and you can always make the cooking process quicker and easier by using Royco Bumbu Dasar Rendang.