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Many food stalls sell instant noodle dishes, either dry or in a soup, and usually with boiled eggs. Modify them to impress customers with your out the box unique creation.

You may learn the success way from the story of Warunk Upnormal on how they make out of the box noodle creations. This restaurant serves instant noodles with a unique flavor variant and managed to attract customers with the dish.

Here are 5 tips you can use to turn this everyday ingredient into something luxurious and appetising.

Picture perfect plates

With instant noodles – or just about any type of food – more often than not, the end product looks very different from the picture advertised. Imagine if you could make it look just as appetising as it does on the packaging. Give it a go, and you can use some extra ingredients or garnishes to make it look even better.

Healthy, nutritious and fibre-rich noodles

Did you know you can make instant noodles healthier? It’s easy; just add vegetables such as lettuce, mustard greens, carrots, and broccoli. You can also garnish it with fragrant herbs and leaves such as basil, celery, or even mint to enhance its taste and smell.

Instant noodle pizza

Pizza is usually made from wheat flour, so this time, try making the base using instant noodles instead. Shape it with round moulds like you’re making an omelette. After that, add toppings such as meat, sausage, peppers, or other vegetables.

Noodle burger

You can make a noodle burger by replacing the bun with a noodle dough that is processed like the usual bun dough. Mix eggs and flour together, shape it into buns and then bake them. Finally, add the meat, vegetables and sauce. 

Martabak noodles

Martabak is a favorite local snack. Give it an interesting, instant noodle twist by replacing the martabak skin with instant noodles. Mould and shape the noodles into a flat martabak skin, and then fill it with minced meat and scallions.