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Meatballs are well-loved by people of all ages, which explains why there is an abundance of meatball stalls across Indonesia. If you have one – or plan to open one – here are 4 ways to make it stand out from your competitors.

1. Make fusion meatball dishes

Fusion food is a popular name for recipes that combine many elements across different cuisines to create a unique new dish. Try combining meatballs with unusual ingredients, such as stuffing it with mozzarella or topping it off with green coconut.

2. Create unique shapes

Be creative by trying diffent meatball shapes – like cubes, triangles or even just flat – instead of the usual round ones. You can also shape a giant meatball into a bowl and then serve the rest of the ingredients in it.

3. Use a unique meatball brand

You can associate a unique brand name with your meatballs’ ingredients or shape. For example, you can call your meatballs Bakso Beranak (pregnant bakso) for a meatball that’s stuffed with mini-meatballs.

4. Create an Instagrammable corner

Try having an Instagrammable spot in your restaurant so your customers can take selfies. You can also create a unique hashtag for your food spot. It’s a great form of free promotion, especially if their photos go viral on Instagram.