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A visit to Makassar isn’t complete without tasting their special dishes, made with spices unique to the area. With a little practice, these Makassarian dishes can become a bestseller on your menu.

Coto Makassar

This flavourful dish is the perfect combination of meat and offal, served in a very special spiced soup. It goes perfectly well with burasa (Makassarian dumplings), and you can make the burasa more interesting by cutting them into small pieces, adding additional coto meat, and serving it as a side to the soup.

Konro soup

The strong spices seep into the beef ribs, giving this soup flavour down to the bone marrow. Try creating this delicious dish with this special recipe.


This dish looks like coto Makassar, but what makes it different is the addition of gore kaluku (fried coconut) and an egg yolk as the topping. To make it more authentic, use meat that’s sourced from Makassar itself.

Palu butung

This dessert is made from a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves, vanilla and salt. It is cooked until thick, and served together either warm or cold with pieces of ripe plantains. You can also add colourful syrups to give it a splash of eye-catching colour.


Sarabba a traditional Makassarian drink from Makassar made from a mixture of ginger, egg yolk, palm sugar, coconut milk and pepper powder. This drink is very nutritious – it warms up the body and increases stamina. For healthy foodies, this unique drink can be a great addition to your restaurant.