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Soto is popular across Indonesia, from children to adults and the elderly. So, it’s no wonder that there are plenty of warung soto stalls all around the archipelago. In fact, many high-end restaurants as well as small food stalls have become famous just by serving soto. Discover their secrets below, and get inspired to add soto to your restaurant menu.

Ensure a unique taste

Your soto should have a tasty and distinctive flavour. For example, if you sell chicken soto, make sure to serve it in a thick broth. Not only that, you can also modify the chicken by switching to grilled chicken, or even chicken feet, instead of boiled chicken. Experiment with modifications like this to create unique flavours that help you stand out from competitors.

Serve it traditionally

Presentation also affects how much your soto appeals to customers, especially in the current era of social media. In Yogyakarta, soto is served in a coconut shell, and it really entices customers to order it. Try different ways of serving it, for example, in a pottery bowl for extra visual appeal.

Make a soto variation

Have you ever heard of the term of dry soto? It may sound strange, but in Klaten, Central Java, dry soto is quite popular and has a large following. All you have to do is replace the soup with dry chilli-soy sauce and you have a unique menu item that might become a trendsetter in your restaurant.

Find an Instagram-worthy location

Choosing an interesting location to sell soto will also determine the success of your restaurant. It doesn’t necessarily have to be strategically located in a city; sometimes, a location in the middle of rice fields far away from the hustle and bustle can attract customers who are looking for a scenic location that’s great for photo-taking. However, if you pick a location that’s further out, make sure the place you choose is conducive for eating and that there is enough parking space available.

Top-notch side dishes

Eating soto without side dishes makes the meal feel incomplete. Serve the usual sides such as tempe mendoan, eel peyek, shrimp chips, and crackers. Some soto stalls, especial in Solo and Jogja, are famous not just because of their amazing soto, but also because of the delicious side dishes that go with it perfectly.