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Aligot is a traditional French dish made with mashed potatoes and melted cheese. It has a delicate texture, along with a rich and distinctive taste.

While this dish is not as well-known in Asia, the recent cheese craze sweeping across social media gives you the opportunity to use this extra cheesy whipped potato dish to please your diners as well as boost your restaurant’s reputation.

Despite the fact that the fondue-like aligot originates from France, it can also be enjoyed with your favourite choice of signature Italian meat such as prosciutto or sausages. Turn this side dish into a real star by using Knorr Potato Flakes as its main ingredient. Made from 99% real potatoes, you’ll enjoy creamy, high-quality and consistent potato taste in minutes. Just add melted cheese, cream, butter and garlic, and you can serve this unique, one-of-a-kind dish.


Knorr Potato Flakes