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Cooking the Steak

  • Meat Tenderizer 7 g
  • Lamosir Beef 750 g
  • Mustard 10 g
  • Pepper 3 g
  • Paprika Powder 3 g

Make the Mushroom Sauce

  • Champignon Mushroom 100 g
  • Fresh Cream 10 g
  • Hot Water 250 ml

Preparing the Garnish

  • Broccoli 100 g
  • Carrots 50 g
  • Snaps 50 g
  • Onions 50 g
  • Margarine 20 g

Serving the Steak

  • Mashed Potato 250 g
  1. Cooking the Steak

    • Cut beef 150 g each in the form of steak. Sprinkle meat with meat tenderized, prick-prick with a fork in the range of 1 cm, then add Knorr Beef Powder, paprika powder, pepper and mustard. Spread evenly across the surface of the meat. Let stand for 5 minutes.
    • Heat the grill, basting the meat with a little oil, then bake until the desired doneness.
  2. Make the Mushroom Sauce

    • Prepare demi glace sauce with Knorr Demi Glace. Mix the powder with cold water, stir until evenly distributed and heat to boiling and thickened. Add the sliced mushrooms and a little fresh cream.
  3. Preparing the Garnish

    • Boil the vegetables until cooked, stir-fried with margarine, give a little onion and add Knorr Beef Powder as flavouring.
  4. Serving the Steak

    • Arrange meat and vegetables alternating upward. Put the broccoli and mashed potato in the top spot. Pour with mushroom sauce.