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Cooking Procedures

  • Rice 250 g
  • Water 360 ml
  • Chicken breast, boneless, diced 300 g
  • Light Soy Sauce 15 ml
  • Pepper Powder 1 g
  • Sesame Oil 8 ml
  • Ang ciu 5 ml
  • Dark Soy Sauce 50 ml
  • Fried Salty Fish 5 g
  • Spring onion, roughly sliced 300 g
  1. Cooking Procedures

    • Marinate the chicken well and leave it for a wile.
    • In a big size bowl, pour some water and seasoning ingredients. Mix them well and boil them.
    • After that, lower the fire and close the bowl and keep cooking for 10 minutes.
    • Cook the rice well. Then, put into a pan. Add the chicken that has been marinated into whole rice. Close the pan and cook it again in 20 minutes.
    • After 20 minutes, turn off the fire and leave it for 10 minutes. Keep it closed and add garnish ingredients, mix them well and serve it.