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Make the Mushroom Sauce

Cook the Sirloin

  • Sirloin 180.0 g
  • Knorr Chicken Powder 1kg 2.0 g
  • Black Pepper 1.0 g

Prepare the Vegetables

  • Carrots 30.0 g
  • Snaps, boiled 25.0 g
  • Garlic, chopped 3.0 g
  • Oil 15.0 ml

Sirloin with tasty fat and chewy beefy flavor will indulge flavor explorers. Roast and then greased with various tasty mushroom sauce, make this sirloin always have the best bite to the last.



  1. Make the Mushroom Sauce

    1. Heat the pan then sauté shallot with Champignon mushroom until wilted, then add thyme and bay leaf, stir until evenly mixed for 1 min.
    2. Add KNORR DEMI GLACE which been diluted with water, stir evenly, cook with medium heat while keep stirring.
    3. Add KNORR CHICKEN POWDER and cooking cream, cook for 3 min.
  2. Cook the Sirloin

    1. Marinate the sirloin with KNORR CHICKEN POWDER and black pepper, let stand for 3 minutes, then grill until cooked.
  3. Prepare the Vegetables

    1. Sauté garlic until fragrant, add carrots and string beans, stir evenly, add KNORR CHICKEN POWDER and black pepper, stir, lift then serve.