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Making Rendang Croquette

  • Hot Water 200 g
  • Salt 2 g
  • Pepper 1 g
  • Beef (for rendang), chopped but not too thin 60 g
  • Bread Flour 30 g
  • Cumin 2 g
  • Lime leaves, chopped thinly 2 g
  • Egg White 60 g
  • Cooking Oil, for frying
  • Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 3L 30 g
  1. Making Rendang Croquette

    1. Mix well Knorr Mashed Potato with salt and pepper.
    2. Pour the hot water into Knorr Mashed Potato and mix them well.
    3. Then, add the dough with rendang and mix them well. Weigh the dough at 30g each.
    4. Form the dough into a cylinder.
    5. Dip them into the egg white. After that, put them into a bowl full of bread flour that has been mixed with cumin and chopped lime leaves.
    6. Deep fry them until their color turn into brownies gold.
    7. Serve with rendang mayonnaise.