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Travelling to Yogyakarta and longing for a savoury Sumatran fishcake? Put Pempek Ny. Kamto at the top of your list. One of the oldest restaurants in Yogyakarta, it was founded in 1984. According to Wiliana, the second-generation owner of the restaurant, the culinary business pioneered by her mother-in-law started with just one table and four chairs.

From a simple business with limited funding, Mrs. Kamto’s savoury fishcake, or pempek, grew to gain loyal customers. One of the things that makes the restaurant special is how similar the pempek tastes compared to the pempek from the Sepuluh Ulu region in Palembang, where it’s believed to have originated. Mrs. Kamto herself was born in Sepuluh Ulu, so she knew the original taste of pempek that’s loved by so many. From the time she got married and moved to Yogyakarta up until the current second-generation owner, the pempek recipe has not changed.

The distinctive pempek sauce is an important reason why Pempek Ny. Kamto is loved by many. Made with a blend of Bango Sweet Soy Sauce and combined with Mrs. Kamto’s recipe, this spicy, sour and savory sauce is truly loved by all her customers.


Wiliana’s 3 tips for restaurant owners

Other than its unique taste, what are the reasons that Pempek Ny. Kamto has survived for more than 30 years? Here’s are a few tips shared by Wiliana.

1. Best ingredients

The best dishes are made from the best ingredients. It is this standard that’s been established in Pempek Ny. Kamto. For example, the eggs must not be dirty and the fish must be frozen immediately after its capture to ensure freshness. The palm sugar used must also be of the best quality. 

2. Clear vision and mission

One of the most important visions of Pempek Ny. Kamto is to deliver the best to their customers. This vision is entrusted not only to the owner and management, but also to all employees. 

3. Professional management

Pempek Ny. Kamto is now run by Mrs. Kamto’s two children and their spouses. In order to work effectively, they divide their tasks. Production, financial matters and bookkeeping are tasked to specific individuals. Even so, they always have each others’ back.

After winning the Bango PWK 2018, the second-generation owners of Pempek Ny. Kamto wish for their business to continue to grow. Their goal is not only to open new branches out of town, but also to expand into the international market. As for now, they are busy researching so that their dishes meet international standards.