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Making Royal Icing

  • Sugar 500.0 g
  • Egg White 500.0 g
  • Cream of Tar Tar 1.0 tsp
  • Vanilla Butter Essence 0.5 tsp
  • Vinegar 0.5 tsp

Making Color Flow

  • Mineral Water, hot 20.0 g

Making Almond Christmas Cookies

  • Cake Margarine 150.0 g
  • Buttery Margarine 50.0 g
  • Medium-Protein Wheat Flour 250.0 g
  • Butter 20.0 g
  • Icing Sugar 80.0 g
  • Almond Powder 15.0 g
  • Vanilla Essence
  • Knorr Potato Flakes 500g 25.0 g
  • Baking Powder 0.25 tsp
  • Egg Yolk 2.0 pc

Pine tree-shaped cake with almond would be the perfect snack at Christmas.



  1. Making Royal Icing

    • Whisk all of the ingredients in a bowl until the mixture thickens, then cover the bowl with a damp cloth before use.
  2. Making Color Flow

    • Mix the royal icing and hot mineral water until the mixture softens and can be used directly.
  3. Making Almond Christmas Cookies

    • Whisk the sugar and margarine until soft, add the eggs to the bowl, then stir well.
    • Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, stir well.
    • Roll the dough thin and mould it into a Christmas tree shape, glaze it with egg yolk, and decorate the top with icing sugar.
    • Bake the cookies in the oven at 160°C until they are done.