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Making the bapao

Making Demi Glace sauce

Making the filling

  1. Making the bapao

    1. Mix well dry ingredients and pour cold water. Mix them again until they turn into lump. Then, add Blue Band Master White Cream Fat and mix them until turn into soft and smooth dough.
    2. Leave the dough for about 10 minutes and slice it with considering the weight. Form the sliced dough as you want to. Then, put them into a piece of paper.
    3. Ferment the dough until they are getting bigger and steam in 10 minutes using medium fire.
    4. After having steamed dough you can leave them for a while.
  2. Making Demi Glace sauce

    Boil Knorr Demi Glace with the water until they are getting viscous.
  3. Making the filling

    1. Sauté the onion and add the garlic. Mix them well until they’re smell well.
    2. Then, add the minced beef and sauté until they are cooked.
    3. Add Demi Glace sauce and mix the well. Next, add other ingredients.
    4. Cook them until the water is getting dried. Before turning off the fire, add the cake flour. Mix them well until they’re getting viscous.
  4. Making Taiwanese Taco Bread

    Slice bapao in the middle side and put the filling on it.