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Making Puff Pastry

  • High Protein Flour 1000.0 g
  • Sugar 50.0 g
  • Salt 20.0 g
  • Cake Margarine 150.0 g
  • Cold Water 500.0 ml
  • Pastry Fat Shortening 500.0 g

Filling Process

The tasteful of tuna mixed up with spicy red chili will give unusual new unique flavour. Make your customers hooked with the spicy taste.



  1. Making Puff Pastry

    • Mix all the dry ingredients, then add the water, margarine stir 1/2 smooth.
    • Round and the rest ± 10 minutes.
    • Cut crosswise, put the pastry fat shortening in the middle (envelope seams) roll lengthwise, folding with a single crease, rotate 90°, then roll back to a single crease, rest ± 20 minutes.
    • Perform as the above, five to 5 x single crease. Rest each + 2x crease for 20 minutes.
  2. Filling Process

    • Roll the puff pastry to a thickness of ± 2.5 mm, and cut to the size of 10x20 cm or adjust to taste.
    • Prick the dough with salt so that puff pastry is not too fluffy.
    • Put the stuffing in the middle, let stand ± 1 hour, then polish with egg and roasted and grilled to 200°C until cooked (or save it in the chiller for 1 day in advance, to get the maximum results).