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How to Make Ayam Woku

  1. How to Make Ayam Woku

    • Heat the pot, add vegetable oil, then stir-fry the lemongrass and lime leaves as well as sliced red chilli and cayenne pepper.
    • Add Royco Ayam Kuning (dissolved with boiled water), stir until evenly added.
    • Put water into it, wait until boil.
    • Then add the chicken to the boiling water.
    • Allow to boil again, remove the foam on the surface.
    • Put some of the sliced green tomatoes.
    • Add sugar or salt and pepper when needed.
    • When the chicken half cooked, and seasoning is enough, sprinkle basil leaves into woku chicken.
    • Stir briefly, add the remaining pieces of the green tomato.
    • Serve with a large container and sprinkle with fried onions.