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Make the Dough

Making Chiku Cake

  • Baking Sheets the Size of 30x30x4 2 pc
  1. Make the Dough

    • Whisk sugar and yolk until they’re thickened and expanded.
    • Meanwhile mix Blue Band Master Cake Margarine and fresh milk together and then boil them until warm but do not let them bubble up.
    • Pour mixture 1 and 2 until they’re evenly mixed, followed with all-purpose flour and baking powder while they’re whisked evenly and stay thick.
    • Whisk white eggs, cream of tartar and coarse grain sugar until they’re thickened and stiffed (but do not crack) and then mix it with the above dough gradually until they’re even.
  2. Making Chiku Cake

    • Pour the dough on 2 baking sheets the size of 30x30x4.6.
    • Bake it for 20 minutes on 170° C temperature.
    • Once it’s done let it cool off.